Master the basics of keeping backyard chickens... Naturally!

Join expert Chicken Coach Elise McNamara for this 2.5 hour LIVE Zoom online workshop. Natural Chicken Care - An Introduction will show you new, modern and natural ways of caring for your chickens PLUS time for Q&A. Small group classes - Don't miss out!

When: 11:00 am - 1:30 pm Saturday 16 October 2021

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"How do I know I'm taking the best care of my backyard chickens?"

So you've just got started with a small flock of hens, or you are just about to purchase some.

They may be young pullets or maybe you've given a second chance to some older rescue ladies.

You want:

  • to get your questions answered by an expert
  • an easy-care, step-by-step routine to keep your flock thriving
  • a simple set-up that keeps your hens happy and makes things easy
  • to learn modern, natural ways of doing things
  • confidence in the care and health of your flock 

I've got you!

Chickens don't need fancy, they need functional. 

Their needs are quite simple. But failing to meet these simple needs will cause problems in the months to come...

Hi, I'm chicken expert Elise McNamara

I'm a chicken consultant, writer, author and speaker.

Today, I help people like you avoid chicken parasites and diseases so that you can enjoy thriving, healthy, happy hens that will lay for years to come. 

Chickens have been my love since I was a toddler in gumboots on my family's dairy farm. I've always bred and raised poultry. I've kept pure bred fowl as show birds and commercial layers (Isa Brown and Hy-Line Brown) for organic egg production in a chicken caravan. 

But in 2010 I bought birds that introduced respiratory diseases to my flock. I spent thousands on vet bills trying to eradicate the problem. 

This began my obsession with how we can use prevention to keep thriving, healthy birds, free of disease. 

This has evolved into my approach of using natural solutions where possible. Commercial management methods such as "All In All Out" don't apply to pets. 

Prevention through natural nutrition, excellent husbandry and reducing stress is key. 

And now I help poultry owners and farmers like you to do the same.

Who is this online workshop for?

Beginners and chicken owners who are time poor and want to know the exact recipe for success for healthy, happy productive hens.

What you will learn in this workshop

The shortcuts to success with backyard chickens, naturally. Skipping over all of the hard lessons I've learnt and my expert knowledge learned through some of the best chicken experts in the world.

Chicken keeping should be fun and easy

"I want people to be confident in their own ability to observe their chickens' health and behaviour, and that's what I want for you!" - Elise McNamara, natural chicken care expert and educator

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Join expert Chicken Coach Elise McNamara for this 2.5 hour LIVE Zoom online workshop.
Learn new, modern and natural ways of caring for your chickens PLUS time for Q&A. 
Small group classes - Don't miss out!
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What people are saying about Elise

Brooke, Geelong

"Thank you again for today Elise. You have no idea how happy it made me to hear that the girls finally look good. I really appreciate your time and the wealth of knowledge...".

Anna, Geelong

"I just wanted to say thank you again. I didn't think we'd have so many dramas but we're getting there. The kids are loving them and Luke is warming to them, I knew he would!"

Kim, Geelong

"Thanks for yesterday, it was great. Loved your vibe and enthusiasm."

Heather, Geelong

"I went to a chicken workshop with Elise this morning and it was really informative and well run, super helpful advice!!"

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Workshop Curriculum (2 hours + 30 mins Q&A)

Topic 1: Backyard Layer FAQs

  • Things to think about when choosing a breed
  • Why your chickens aren't laying
  • What to do if your chickens are losing feathers
  • Common behavioural issues and what to do

Topic 2: Chicken housing for every backyard and the surprising must-haves

  • Learn the essentials of chicken housing
  • Discover the easy tweaks to avoid your chicken house being a deathtrap over summer and how to promote good health in winter

Topic 3: What you need to feed and what not to!

  • You'll learn the exact brands and feeds I and other breeders recommend
  • The feed secret from my 99-year-old mate to keep your hens as healthy as possible, and how to make it all as easy as possible for you

Topic 4: Parasites

  • Learn about parasites that can affect your chickens - including lice, mites, worms and scaly leg mite
  • Learn about parasite management products and when and how to use them

Topic 5: Sick Chook Basics

  • Common symptoms of illness
  • What to do
  • Where to go for help

PLUS 30 minutes of Q&A

  • An in-depth discussion of the common challenges new owners will face
  • Get your questions answered by expert Chicken Coach, Elise McNamara

7-day money-back guarantee!

If for any reason you don't love the workshop, I will refund your payment within the first 7 days, no questions asked!

There is zero risk.

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  • Simple Steps To Successful Backyard Chickens the eBook (valued at $33)

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